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Good Sit Dogwalking and Petsitting Services is expanding its employment to accommodate the demand of Bay Area dog families looking to keep their pets happy, safe, and engaged throughout the week. Our job is to have fun while keeping high standards of care and training philosophy. We accept all sizes and breeds of dogs, and we temperament and compatibility test all dogs in our groups.

Two women wearing medical masks are walking groups of leashed dogs, coming out of a foot bridge. The dog in the front of the group is sticking her tongue out in a pffft raspberry.
Walking along Stevens Creek Trail

The Job:

  • MWF 8a – 12pm weekly OR Tuesday Thursday 8a-12pm (potential for mix of both)
  • Pay $16.05 – $22 an hour based on experience
  • Picking up and dropping off pet dogs in the mornings and early afternoons during the work week
  • Driving an SUV
  • Communicating mainly through text and phone calls when not in person with clients or coworkers
  • Working directly with the business owner and on your own
  • Stable weekly schedule
  • Potential for additional private walking that suits your schedule
  • Taking daily photographs of the dogs — nothing fancy, just showing they are having fun!
  • On-leash group dog walking and off-leash play group supervision
  • Serving the Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale areas

Growth opportunities:

  • Learning the who, what, where, why, and how of the pet care industry in the Bay Area
  • Gaining relationships with fellow walkers, trainers, and professionals who care for companion animals including veterinary clinics
  • Start at 12 hours a week, potential for 20 hours
  • Mentorship for similar work experiences such as veterinary technician, groomer, daycare, starting a business of your own
Watching over the pups in a low key, safe environment at a local park

You Will Be Trained:

  • Force-free dog training methodology
  • Dog group management
  • Fight prevention
  • Emergency safety protocols
  • Defensive Leash Handling
  • Client communication
  • Coworker communication

The Requirements:

  • Valid California driver’s license with clean driving record
  • Punctual timing
  • Weekly morning availability
  • Physical aptitude to handle hiking with dogs a minimum of 2 miles every day
  • Consistent and upbeat communication in person and written
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and learn
  • Maintaining force-free training methodology on both ends of the leash
  • Ability to lift a 70 pound dog into our vehicles unaided
  • Thinking clearly under pressure
Three dogs sit on top of a park table with their best human gal. She is a Latine woman with a big smile and cool hair streaks framing her face along with clear-framed glasses. The dogs we can see clearly are dark black and making cute big brown-eyed faces while waiting for their treats.
Taking a break in the shade

Our job as dog walkers is physical: we hike, walk, lift animals, hopping in and out of SUVs, and have to separate dogs at times when safety dictates. Know you’ll be working with animals that have teeth and have the ability to bite. We will be working around people in very emotional situations at times: dogs bring out the best and worst in people. We will be prepared for the worst and usually experience the best!

This type of work is great practice or reinforcement for people who work or will be working in veterinary clinics, hospitals, and pet daycares. Our work tends to be completed each day by 1pm, leaving you the rest of the day for yourself and the dogs safely home before the weather gets to be too much.

Our first month with you on the job will be your training period. You’ll learn how we operate, what we expect of yourself, and how our weekly schedule happens. Payment is every two weeks with option for direct deposit.

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A white man in sunglasses looks down excitedly at a white and brown dog with his hands up in a "surprise" expression. The dog is looking up at him with his mouth open and long tail wagging. They are standing in a dog park with mulch on the ground and other dogs nearby.
We look forward to meeting you!