Our Referral Partners

Our list of referrals represents people we have either worked alongside or been recommended by trusted colleagues and work within some part of our service areas of East Palo Alto, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Sunnyvale. Please check with each service provider to see if they cover your specific location.

Click company names to take you to their respective websites for all contact and service info.

Dog Trainers We Recommend

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy’s Wag n Train

Peggy McCarty, The Hound Haven

Susan Wu, Nu Paws Academy specializing in puppy board and train

Heidi Shing, Swishing Tails Dog Training

Sue Rusnak, Merry Puppins

Carmen Okimoto, See Jane Dog Training

Dog Physical Conditioning Training

Shelah Barr, Happy Hounds Massage and Fitness (remote)

Dog Trainers Specializing in Separation Anxiety We Recommend

Torie Silletto, diamonddogspdx.com, Separation Anxiety Pro

Erika Liljefelt, relaxrover.com , Separation Anxiety Pro

Peggy McCarty, thehoundhaven.com, Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Marly Arandia, https://mydogsessence.com/, Separation Anxiety Pro (Spanish instruction available!)

Good Sit currently cannot work with dogs experiencing separation anxiety as neither a training focus nor for boarding or sitting. If your dog is experiencing signs of separation anxiety, we recommend working with one of our referral partners who have done extra education that focuses on helping your dog learn to be left by themselves and have the certifications that demonstrate their high caliber.

Here are some tips from our colleague Stacy Braslau-Schneck that can help prevent separation anxiety as well as help you determine if your dog may have it.

Dog Walkers and Hikers We Recommend

Sue Rusnak, Merry Puppins

Marion Ray, Auntie M No Place Like Home Petsitting

Marie Ngo, Benji’s Backyard

Dog Sitters and Home Style Boarders We Recommend

Susan Wu, Nu Paws Academy

Heidi Shing, Swishing Tails Dog Training

Carmen Okimoto, See Jane Dog Training

Sherry Al-Mufti, The Polished Pup (please note, Sherry is located in Concord, CA)

*Please note, most if not all of our recommended boarding colleagues require a trial overnight stay prior to needed dates.

If our referral partners are not available, please seek out GoDogPro.com for your pet care and training needs.