Sitting and Boarding

WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT NEW SITTING OR BOARDING CLIENTS UNTIL 2023. Please check our referral page for alternative solutions.

Your dogs are your family. We treat them like our own family members with care, consideration, and focus. We offer sitting in your own home as well as boarding in ours based on a first come, first serve availability. Private and semi-private sitting is offered, with a private trial sit before your designated dates, determining if your best buddy needs private accommodations or can be around others.

a black and white border collie mix dog with long fur looks to be smiling while settling the upper half of his body on his sitter's lap, receiving pets from her.

What to expect for becoming a boarding pup:

  • Rabies vaccination required
  • Paid trial private overnight stay for full evaluation (before travel dates)
  • Your dog being treated like a family member
  • Private walks
  • Access to a fully fenced in outdoor space
  • Lots of snuggles and blankies
  • Regular meals and meds you provided

We love hosting your best buddies. Dogs are allowed on furniture and the bed at our place, and we have gates set up to prevent access to areas that are not dog-friendly when no humans are home. Boundaries are firmly enforced as needed with force free training methodology, reminding your dog that just because they are on vacation doesn’t mean they can start dancing on tables.

Our small, paved yard area has turf and dirt patches for pottying and plenty of toys and water to keep your pup entertained while being supervised. Your dog gets a playmate with the deal, too: our dog Mindy is a fantastic dog minder who will sometimes play and other times give space as needed.

Crating may be done as-needed when no one is home or when nap times are needed, especially important for puppies who need their sleep while growing! Crating is not required. Otherwise dogs are allowed in the dog friendly parts of the home with our doggy cameras rolling to make sure they’re safe when no humans are present.

All new sitting clients must schedule a paid trial overnight stay before the “real” booking for a full evaluation on compatibility. Owners must be reachable by phone or email and able to pick up the dog if needed. (Hopefully not! But it is good to be prepared.)

Bookings require a minimum of a nonrefundable deposit ($71-120 dependent on length of stay,) with the full stay amount paid one month before the first day of care. Payment plans may be an option on a case-by-case basis.

Right now our limitations for boarding we cannot accommodate:

  • “Nuisance” barkers
  • Separation anxiety cases
  • Body handling sensitivity (case by case basis)
  • Resource guarders who are not muzzle trained
  • Vegetarian or vegan diet
  • Unvaccinated for canine influenza both types, DHLPP or similar, rabies, and Bordetella
  • Dogs who do not pass the Meet and Greet with our resident dog