Selfie photo of Steph, a white woman with pink rimmed glasses, next to the large head of a German bred German shepherd with his tongue hanging out.
Good Sit’s owner, Steph Haddad, is a lifelong animal lover. Though she didn’t grow up with pets of her own, she always found ways to be around cats and dogs as her neighbors had many. As she grew, she became interested in training and rescuing animals. After getting her degree (in fine art!) she spent time first volunteering then working at the Champaign County Humane Society, where she was exposed to a large variety of temperaments, breeds, and learning the networking needs of dogs and cats who need new homes.
As an Animal Care worker, she did basic training, cleaning, grooming, caring, and socializing dogs, working hard to make sure that dogs who were in “holding” could get time outdoors and de-stressing despite their new, strange environment.
a young Steph Haddad in 2010, kneeling with a floppy-eared beagle german shepherd mix wagging his tail.
Steph with Scout, the first dog she saved (with the help of a great group of people!) back in 2010.
Having spent that time at the animal shelter from all those years ago, she uses her knowledge to help others while staying on top of the news for animal welfare. Steph helps network animals in need of adoption as well as place dogs with trainers and behaviorists who fit their needs. Now settled into the Bay Area, she’s made a small business of walking dogs and petsitting. She is furthering her education through the help of The Academy for Dog Trainers, Dog*biz, and what workshops, seminars, and webinars she can attend.
While she loves all dogs, Steph has a particular soft spot for all guard dog breeds, from shepherds to bullies, and especially enjoys working with them. Her experience has taught her that all dogs are individuals, and they deserve a chance to grow and have a good life on their terms.
While everyone at Good Sit has their own experiences, Steph trains everyone to meet dogs where they are utilizing force free techniques, whether they need a little extra help feeling safe, learning how to play with other dogs, learning how to trust people, or just plain making sure they get their exercise while they are out and about (and coming back when called!)
The stats:
Twelve years of experience with dogs and cats caretaking
Currently in exams for Dog*tec Dog Walking Academy certification
Currently studying with Jean Donaldson’s The Academy for Dog Trainers
Dogsafe Canine First Aid certified

Service locations:

Steph is currently working with pets between East Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. Check on the Services section to see how Good Sit can help your family!

Paid internships and apprenticeships available

Interested in our internship program? Learn how to run your own business while taking care of companion animals. More information coming soon! Contact us to get on the inside.

A black, bat eared dog with long nose stands at the edge of a bluff as the orange setting sun makes her fur glow. She wears a blue and grey body harness, a red bandana, and a pumpkin printed thick collar. A yellow leash is draped on her back.

Who is that black dog I see?

It’s Mindy!

Mindy is Steph’s dog, who tags along from time to time with dog-friendly dogs. She is a 75 pound German Shepherd mix who is a good reader of what other dogs want. At 7 years old, she has matured into a playful and respectful adult who loves playing with puppies or just going on a walk with another dog. Get her on the beach and she turns into a zoomie puppy herself!

Mindy was adopted from Companions in Waiting, a dog and cat rescue based in Half Moon Bay, California, with the help of one of the founders of Partners in Animal Care and Compassion. You can watch her antics on her own little instagram, Interrupting Dog.

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