Here’s a list of commonly asked questions and requests that have free and paid resources available for self-paced learning! Some are introductions, some are complete pieces. To find what you’re looking for at a faster pace, use the “search” function of your browser by pushing Control+F on PC or Open Apple+F on Apple iOS, then writing out a word you are looking for.

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Foster Dogs

Crate Training

Crate Games with Susan Garrett

Sleep Training

coming soon!

House training — Potty Training — Housebreaking

coming soon!

Muzzle Training

Sizing a muzzle with Mike Shikashio

Molding a plastic muzzle to better fit your dog with Mike Shikashio

Teaching a Dog to wear a muzzle with… Mike Shikashio

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices by Malena DeMartini

Be Right Back by Julie Naismith

Be Right Back! Puppy Separation Anxiety Edition by Julie Naismith

Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Success Tracker by July Naismith

Finding a Dog Trainer, Dog Walker, Dog Boarder, Dog Groomer in Your Area that uses force free methodology