My Favorite Dog Training Equipment and Dog Enrichment Gear for 2024

These are a few of my favorite things

Us professionals often get asked what we use personally with our own pets; the list of great gear we find from our colleagues, clients, education, and experience gets longer every year! I decided to get all my favorite dog training gear for 2024 into one place. For now this is just a glorified list of links; I hope to update with photos of everything as the year goes on.

This gear, equipment, lifestyle items, whatever you want to call them are supposed to help you live more fulfilling, less-stressy lives. Please note! A few of these items may be affiliate links, and I may receive a fee when you use said link. Some have special discount codes!

Treats! Red Barn Meat Rolls, available on Chewy

Poop Bags! Earth-rated Bags with Handles, available on Chewy

Body Language Book! Lili Chin’s Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend, available directly from Lili herself or on Amazon

Going Outside! Safety and IDs

Leash: Hightail Hikes Convertible leash (use our code GS10 for 10% off!) buy directly from their website

Harness: Ruffwear Flagline Harness with Lift and Assist Handle on Amazon or directly from Ruffwear

Treat pouch:

  1. Doggone Good Rapid treat pouch available on Amazon
  2. Treat pouch Backcountry Day Bag by OllyDog

Muzzle: Trust Your Dog Custom Muzzles and Company of Animals’ Baskerville

Trust Your Dog’s website

Baskerville available on Amazon and Chewy

Collars: GoTags Personalized Dog Collar on Amazon

Identification tag: Tough Tags’ dog tags available on Amazon and Etsy

Leash and Harness Wraps: Patience and Love 143’s Snap-on Wraps available on Etsy

Inside the Home

Slow Feeder Bowl: Sodapup Dog’s Slow Feeder Bowls on Amazon and Chewy

Puzzle Food and Food Stuffing Toy: WestPaw’s Toppl on Amazon and Chewy

Pressure Mounted Gate: MidWest Home for Pets Tall Metal Gate on Amazon

Slow Water Bowl: Upsky Metal Bowl with Floating Disk “no spill” on Amazon

Collars: Chic Pooch Boutique’s Handmade Collars on Etsy

Dog Bed: FurHaven’s Cooling Gel Bed with Bolsters on Amazon

Sound Masking Machine: SNOOZ White Noise Machine (with real fan inside) on Amazon